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shop rite loves Katie Reilly's Irish Soda Bread

I am pleased to say that I, through my position at Wakefern Food Corp (procurement and distribution for 200 Shop Rite Stores) have done business with Celtic Passions (Katie Reilly's Irish Soda Bread) for over 5 years.

Then along came Katie Reilly's and, as they say, "the rest is history."  Their mix is so easy to produce that our stores had no problems at all and the buttermilk formulation ensures that dry soda bread is a thing of the past.  Our sales have increased every year by 15-20%...amazing feat.  I recommend them highly, not only is their product excellent but the folks at Celtic Passions are second to none as well.  Our working relationship has always been great and I see no change in the future.


Arlene Longo

Product Manager

Fresh Bake Division


Katie Reilly's Irish Soda Bread and Scone Mix

"Yours is the best Irish soda bread I've ever had. Purchased yesterday and can't stop talking about how great it is. I also can't stop eating it. I'm going back to SHOP RITE for more. There goes the diet. Kind Regards, Sharon D." 3/9/2024

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